Sell Timber or Land

The first crucial step in forest management is selecting a trusted timber harvesting company.


Ohio Firewood

Our firewood is made from debarked slabwood and is composed of mixed Ohio hardwoods.  The bark free firewood means less creosote, less ash, and fewer bugs.  Firewood pieces vary in size and are not seasoned.  The firewood is sold in all truck load

Timber Management Plan

Ohio Hardwood Lumber and Timber Buyers

Our timber buyers will develop a management and timber harvest plan, complete a written contract, layout skid roads and log landings, and pay for all timber purchased before any timber is removed.

Forest Management and Selective Harvesting

Ohio Hardwood Lumber and Timber Buyers

Advanced Hardwoods provides an array of forestry services from timber stand appraisals, timber harvest, land reconfiguration and site regeneration.  We hold ourselves to high industry standards while recognizing the company’s environmental respons

Timber Purchasing

Ohio Hardwood Lumber and Timber Buyers

Advanced Hardwoods purchases timber throughout Ohio. We will give you options if your property is not large enough to support a logging crew and equipment. We purchase timber as well as logs.