About Us

Ohio Hardwood Lumber and Timber Buyers


Advanced Hardwoods is a full service logging company.  We maximize your timberland income potential by eliminating the middle man.  We buy standing timber in Ohio, tracts of land, and Ohio logs.  Our specialties include selective harvesting, forest management, log purchases, land reconfiguration, land clearing for developments, large and small acreage jobs.

Why Choose Advanced Hardwoods

  • Free timber evaluation and price proposal
  • Payment in advance of harvest
  • Experienced logging crews
  • Minimized harvesting impact to property and environment
  • Timber Stand Improvement **
  • Fully Insured

** Timber stand improvement is removing low value, poor quality, deffective or diseased trees and harvestable trees from your land. This allows the remaining timber in your woods to mature and produce.  By removing some of the trees your more valuable timber will grow and mature.

Advanced Hardwoods ability to communicate with our clients about their overall goals for their property and to help them bring their ideas to reality is the foundation our company was built upon.


Our native hardwood forests are an Ohio renewable natural resource that, if managed properly, can yield substantial harvests repeatedly in our lifetime.  Wise management of this natural resource is essential to the continued health our forests and ecosystems.


Our mission is to work with landowners to fulfill their individual needs and goals for management of their Ohio timber for future harvests.  We are firmly committed to the wise use of our natural resources.  In a rapidly growing and changing industry Advanced Hardwoods has diversified to provide professional services to numerous landowners.


Our experienced timber buyers will come to your property and appraise your timber.  We will grade your timber and advise you what we feel is the wisest management of your timber.  We will help you manage your timber that will provide a healthy environment for young tree growth and future harvests.

Advanced Hardwoods’ high level of expertise allows us to improve and preserve the forest area by implementing selective cutting practices, which promotes the overall health of the land for future harvests. 

We are committed to providing a good work environment for our harvest teams by training our people with efficient and responsible harvest methods.

Advanced Hardwoods is a full service logging/timber company that purchases standing timber from landowners, harvests the trees, and transports them to our sawmill for production of lumber.